HSM Explained

HSM Includes

  • Weekly teaching objectives
  • Bible lessons
  • Weekly lesson plans by choosing activities
  • Vocabulary words to focus on
  • Materials list
  • Suggestion of where to find materials
  • Writing assignments with suggested focus
  • Field trip suggestions
  • Dad's Role
  • Encouragement from Jessica
  • Teaching tips from Jessica
  • Student Certificate of Completion
  • Teacher Certificate of In-Service Teacher Training

Talk With Jessica

There is no other homeschool curriculum where the co-author gives her cell phone # to text or call to help homeschoolers...except KONOS. KONOS places Jessica's cell # right on their KONOS website. Feel free to text Jessica your name and topic you have questions about and she will call you back to talk. You get the wisdom and advice of a pioneer homeschooler, former national speaker, and the co-author of KONOS FREE...all because Jessica loves helping homeschoolers.


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"One huge blessing is being able to learn from Jessica. Everybody says that she is a "Master teacher", but until you sit at her feet and learn from her week after week, you cannot truly understand what that means. She provides concrete and varying examples every single week of how to teach... She not only provides valuable teaching techniques, but she reduces the time I need to research the topic we are studying. The moms should receive a master's degree after being in the HSM program for three years!! "

"HSM is an incredible value for the money - well worth it!!"

"I can't imagine a semester without Jessica's input. I have learned SO much through this vehicle that it's now a staple in our schooling budget."

"Using HSM cuts my planning time to a fraction of what it used to be."

"Jessica is downright entertaining! We wait each week to see what she will come up with next. "

"A valuable aspect [of HSM] is the support and encouragement from Wade and other co-op moms on the e-loop. We can share our successes, struggles and questions and work through our days together. Sometimes, it can be easy to feel like you're on your own while homeschooling, but if you feel alone with access to the co-op moms, it's because you haven't asked or reached out!"

"Jessica provides so many teaching tips and ideas; it keeps me from getting stagnant in how I teach."

"HSM does provide accountability. If you do not keep up, the train moves on without you! Though this may sound like a negative aspect, it is definitely a positive! It encourages us to make school a priority and give our children the education we should. Yet, Jessica emphasizes each week that we have "permission slips" to skip any activity and we can duplicate the permission slips as often as we need...That has been a blessing to have some external motivation for those days when the internal motivation just isn't there!"

"As the mom, I am first learning what I am teaching from Jessica and thus become more passionate about teaching and sharing with my kids."

"I home schooled my 12 yr old last year, but I taught a state funded "virtual" academy, and it was like pulling teeth to get her do anything. She hated to read and write. I was exhausted by the end of each day by just fighting with her to do what they required of her and I. With KONOS it is like night and day now. She has to be told firmly at night to stop reading. She is asking me on her own if she can do a research paper on Helen Keller. (She has read over 8 books on her so far)...They are asking me so many questions about the composers, and music. I love love love it. ...I just can't get over how when I tell them they are done, instead of making a mad dash to the door, they are asking for just a few more minutes of school."

"KONOS with its biblical worldview, learning in a fun and untraditional way, and the blessings of coming together with my children has been more than I could have ever imagined... I think I have learned more than the children. I have found such purpose in being a homeschooling mother and I could not have done it without homeschoolmentor. I have been inspired by Jessica's teacher training."

"I can't say enough good things about the on-line co-op. We were brand new homeschoolers last fall and we signed up for the Volume 2 co-op because my kids were interested in the Revolutionary War. We had such an incredibly fantastic first year! Even my experienced homeschooling friends were jealous of all the fun and all the learning we were doing."

"I have had many "ah ha" moments while watching Jessica, when I finally understand something for the first time."

"My husband and I were very worried that this would be a very overwhelming & stressful type of curriculum for the teacher, but felt God strongly pulling us toward KONOS. THANK YOU for making it so easy for those of us first-timers and challenging enough to fit all grade levels and get the whole family involved."

"I, too, am so thrilled to be starting the Resourcefulness unit. I realized after watching the videos that I am so lazy I don't even bother with excuses! Well, no more! I know we're only on the second day, but we are all so into it. I typed up a questionnaire for examining our own initiative. It was a yes/no type of thing. We then discussed how right now the no's out number the yes's and that we need to work on pulling those no's to the yes side. So the kids decided to retake the test each week to see if they are progressing. I can't believe they have been actually working on it!!"

"Thank you Wade and Jessica for 3 wonderful co-op years! They have truly been memorable years for our family and ones we will treasure to have shared with you, Jessica, your family, and the Konos family."

"HSM provides definite guidance and structure, but we are free to implement it any way we see fit for our family."

"Thanks once again to Jessica Hulcy, we have had a fantastic 7-week unit on Stewardship. Nick has learned so much about money, budgeting, taxes, writing checks, credit cards, etc. When it comes to careers he has always said he wants to be a Major League Baseball player. This unit gave me an opportunity to talk to him seriously about the very long odds of that and open a discussion about other interests he may have. I was pleasantly surprised by some of his ideas: P.E. teacher & coach, firefighter, professional umpire and veterinarian."

"I started the attentiveness/ear study with my daughter (7) this morning and I am so excited. The co-op has made this so much easier than I thought it would be. We were able to get the 3 R's done in two hours this morning and will be finishing our vocabulary and building the ear after I put our son down for a nap."

"Today was our first day of Konos. We had such a great time. I can't believe learning can be fun. I attended public schools all my life. I almost felt guilty and had to remind myself that we were educating ourselves even though we were having so much fun. I know it is just our first day, but this makes me want to cry tears of joy, feeling a relief that I found something that will fit our needs."

"I just THOUGHT I would be rising before my kiddos to start the day today but my seven year old was SO excited to be learning about Vikings today that he woke at the crack of dawn and surprised me and his sisters with breakfast in bed!! I wouldn't trade that eagerness for all the early risings in the world LOL!!"

"I am so glad to be in contact with others who are doing the same thing as me. So often in home school you feel quite alone. I have watched Jessica's video and feel like I know her. I was so sad to hear about her accident. I had no idea about that when I was watching the teaching DVDs. I felt terrible when I read it on the KONOS homepage. Even though we've never met I have been praying for her ever since. Our Father's love connects us all!"

"I think the part of the semester that caught me by surprise was the fact that the children and I have grown into a more respectful, loving relationship than I ever thought possible. We have all grown a lot."